Sunday, January 25, 2015

#376 Relaxing by the Window

Relaxing by the Window

Body- Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands - Lara V2.1 Maitreya
Feet - Slink - High
Headband 1 - .{yumyums}. Cute as a Button ULTRA RARE - yumyums@ OMG Gacha
Headband 2/ Nose Piece - My Headband Butter [Black] - RARE  *PerveTTe*@ OMG Gacha
Hair - Exile::Cry Ophelia Exile
Gloves/Feet Lace - *HolliPocket* Look Into My-OMEGA-CandyPink HolliPocket@ OMG Gacha
Top -*HolliPocket* Cutty Buddy (HUD) APPLIERS-Bubblegum HolliPocket
Jeans - -Luckie- Jeggie Jeans [Washed Aqua]  Luckie Mainstore
Booties - [PL] Ankle Snuggies - Sweets RARE Pʀᴇᴛᴛʏ Lɪᴀʀ@ OMG Gacha
Panda (Huggleable Plush) - even.flow - Animal Plushie 'Andy the panda' Rare  even.flow@ OMG Gacha

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#375 Cutesie Bear Time

Cutesie Bear Time

Avatar - -{ZOZ}- Love Bear avy wt hat and bag rainbow RARE - -{ZOZ}-@ OMG Gacha
Halo -  -Luckie- Dream Halo [Angel In The Clouds] -Luckie Mainstore
Wings - -Luckie- Dream Wings [Angel In The Clouds] RARE - Luckie Mainstore
Glasses - . Quirky . Heart Glasses - Blue - 1 Quirky@ OMG Gacha

#374 Aqua Cutie

Aqua Cutie

Items Worn:
Body -Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands - Lara Maitreya
Antlers - /h/ Phonzies-Deer RARE - Heathenesque@ OMG Gacha
Hair -pr!tty - Louise  - pr!tty@ OMG Gacha
Glasses - -Luckie- Goober Glasses [Panda-Luckie Edition] ULTRARARE Luckie Mainstore
BackPack - Oopsie - Noctis Backpack - Teal - Oopsie@ OMG Gacha
Pet 1 - Oopsie - Little Piggies - Fudge - Oopsie@ OMG Gacha
Pet 2 - Oopsie - Little Piggies - Marshmallow- Oopsie@ OMG Gacha
Phone - .tsg. Keitai Smart Phone Sweets Decoden RARE The Sugar Garden
Top - *HolliPocket* Guarded Lace Tops-Set 2 HolliPocket@ Anybody
Jeans - -Luckie- Jeggie Jeans [Brown] Luckie Mainstore
Pet 3 - [Manticore] Baby Panda [FREE GIFT] Manticore
Chair - Intrigue Co. - Rainbow Decor Set Intrigue Co @ Collabor 88

Sunday, January 11, 2015

#373 Gacha Girl

Girl Gone Gacha

Items Worn:
Body -Maitreya Mesh Body/Hands - Lara Maitreya
Hair - Amacci Hair - Coco - FAT Pack Amacci
Tiara -*HolliPocket* Princess Holli Band-Ultra Girly RARE HolliPocket
Hair Pins - ::BAD:: Lolli Sticks Pink Bow Rare ::Bad Apple Designs @ OMG Gacha
Glasses - . Quirky . Heart Glasses - Pink - 1 Quirky @ OMG Gacha
Ring/Earring/Necklace - [tea.s] Pandy Charm Set (unpacked)  tea.s - Mainstore
Wings -{le fil casse} snow angel wings pink {le fil casse}@ OMG Gacha
Pet - :MoonAmore +DearDeer: Octopulpo Unicorn - :MoonAmore@ OMG Gacha
Dress- !Q.B! Cassie~White & Pink Quebella@ Thick Event
Socks - -Luckie- Tubie Sockies [WHITE EDTION][Lights] Luckie Mainstore
Shoes L Foot - [ bubble ] Street Sneakers Bunny L (RARE SET) - [ bubble ]@ OMG Gacha
Shoes R Foot - [ bubble ] Street Sneakers Rainbow R  [ bubble ]@ OMG Gacha


Phone - floorplan. rotary phone / floral RARE C/NT floorplan@ OMG Gacha
Cup- -{ZOZ}- Love Cup - Love You Mom Pink {ZOZ}@ OMG Gacha
ChalkCup - Serenity Style- Dreams Chalk Vase Serenity Style@ OMG Gacha
Table - Serenity Style- Dreams Table Serenity Style@ OMG Gacha
Board - Serenity Style- Dreams Blackboard Door Serenity Style@ OMG Gacha
Dolly -Serenity Style- Babie Dream RARE  Serenity Style@ OMG Gacha
Crate - Serenity Style- Dreams Box Serenity Style@ OMG Gacha

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

#372 Comfie Time......



BODY - Maitreya Mesh Body/hands/feet - Lara - Maitreya Main Store
HAIR - /Wasabi Pills/ Chibi Mesh Hair - Rye (Recolored  it to be Pink) Wasabi Pills
NECKLACE - -Buttery Toast- Little Lucy - Angel {Rare} BUTTERY TOAST@OMG GACHA 1/10/15 - FOLLOW FLICKR
RING - !NFINITY Octo-Cutie Pink Panther -  !NFINITY@OMG GACHA 1/10/15 - FOLLOW FLICKR
TOP - *HolliPocket* Friskeh Tops-Set 1 HolliPocket
SHORTS - -Luckie- Smacker Shorts [Pitch Black] - Luckie Mainstore {Omega updated}
SOCKS -  -Luckie- Tubie Sockies [WHITE EDTION][Lights]  Luckie Mainstore
SLIPPERS - *~*HopScotch*~* Animal Slippers - Panda - Maitreya *~*HopScotch*~*@OMG GACHA 1/10/15 - FOLLOW FLICKR